Jaelyn Taylor (she/they) is a gemini sun, pisces moon, and leo rising Black queer femme, Greek mythology nerd, and student at Davidson College, class of 2022. As a student, she is researching the historical and sociopolitical role of algorithms as a tool to surveil, manipulate, and harm Blackness and Black people. Jaelyn learns from and follows a radical Black queer feminist politic, firmly believing in the divestment from the state and various institutions and an intentional investment in community as a means to our collective freedom. Their work includes working as a core organizer on the Davidson Community Fund, co-organizing a five-week radical political education series called Imagining Davidson in fall 2020, and co-founding a community care space for Black femmes at Davidson College. She is immensely grateful for the numerous Black and queer POC folks in her life that have helped foster this growth and keep her in check. When they aren’t over committing themself to school and work or contemplating their existence, Jaelyn can be found online shopping for earrings, driving in their car blasting music, or watching TikTok videos.